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NOWEAR is rider owned and operated from Unadilla, Nebraska. The name represents Mid-West riders from the sticks, the “middle of nowhere,” who live and breathe extreme sports.

NOWEAR supports riders with a good attitude. It’s not about skill level, it’s about being supportive of one another and having a good time riding together. Extreme sports are an art form first. NOWEAR takes pride in selling kick-ass products, 100% made in the USA.

We spend the extra dollar to ensure our products are of the highest quality and support American jobs.


This is where we post things that our team and fans do that wow us and help spread the name and mission of NOWEAR


Dan Walker’s SUV with a very large Logo just screaming “NOWEAR!”


Rider and life long friend “Frank Stewart” went above and beyond and painted the biggest and coolest Nowear logo on his ramp. Painted logo measures 8′ x 24′ it’s a monster! Thanks Frank


Dan Walker and his Kick Butt Nowear tattoo! Thanks Dan your a true fan!


The Team Ninja’s son Mikey “The Boss” with his killer hair cut for grands.


Stunt team rider Riley Sim’s got a sweet Nowear tattoo on his calf, Thanks dude way to rep!


Dan Walker of NOWEAR painted an American logo on Star City BMX’s track just before USA BMX Cornhusker Nationals.

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